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89 Owls

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Hi, I'm Daniel Yeow and I like to take photos. I am a speed skater, climate scientist, mathematician, documentary film maker, and occasional freelance photographer. Here I will post the odd photo (and some even ones too), subscribe if you like. Most of the photos here are clickable - click on them and a pop-up lightbox will resize the photo to fit your browser window. Feel free to browse the photos on this site and also to visit my other site, Enjoy.
If you wish to use the photos on this site for non-commercial purposes, this may be done free of charge, but please don't forget to give credit to my work wherever it is used. I'm currently living in Denmark, but feel free to contact me regarding photographing events, purchasing high-resolution photos, or to make prints for commercial use. Prices are negotiable, and are usually quite reasonable (depending on who you are). You can read testimonials here.